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“It is my profound desire that my story of how I journeyed out of the darkness of my migraines to the light of a reclaimed life will give hope to any migraine sufferer who has not been helped by conventional medical treatments.” 

- Lee Canter

My Migraine Breakthrough
My Migraine Breakthrough

Lee Canter

"“As I write this, I can stand up and exclaim to all: “I have my life back!”

Do I still occasionally get migraine symptoms?

Yes. Does it affect the quality of my life? Absolutely not!”

- Lee Canter

Lee fell victim to chronic migraines that were not helped by years of extensive treatments by both physicians and alternative healthcare professionals. His dogged research skills led him to find and study a breakthrough evidence-based mind-body approach that guided his path to curing his migraines.  He has started a nonprofit organization named after his book, My Migraine Breakthrough, to enable him to reach as many migraine sufferers as possible.

My Migraine Breakthrough

The My Migraine Breakthrough nonprofit’s mission is to educate migraine sufferers about the breakthrough evidence-based mind-body migraine treatment approach. 

"The traditional treatment approaches I had been relying upon were a “dead end” for me. I began to think that maybe, just maybe, the cause of my migraines was not in reality due to some chronic illness but due to the impact on my nervous system of stressors I had experienced throughout my life. It was time to take a different mind-body approach and act."

- Lee Canter

Through my research I soon learned I was introduced to the reality of the two treatment approaches for migraines: biomedical and the Mind Body Syndrome. I found understanding the differences between the two enlightening and, eventually, a “game changer” in my recovery. 


The Mind Body Syndrome (TMS) Treatment Approach for Migraines is a new evidence-based treatment model which has helped countless migraine sufferers around the world for whom the traditional biomedical model interventions have not been effective.

Why I Wrote the Book

Chronic migraines ruled my life for far too many years. I am eternally grateful that I was finally able to find an approach that helped me recover. Now, I want to share my personal journey with other chronic migraine sufferers in the hope that they, too, can find the same relief that I did.


The Book

Follow Lee's journey to cure his chronic migraines in this fascinating memoir filled with key insights and resources that may enable you as well, to find the root cause of your suffering, and finally leave the darkness your migraines have cast upon your life behind.

Medical Disclaimer

All content on this website is my recollection of what I learned and how I used the Mind Body Syndrome (TMS) treatment approach to help me recover from migraines.

Under no circumstances should any of the content be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, medical diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.

Accordingly, for any reason, before taking any actions based upon such information, I encourage the reader to consult with appropriate medical professionals.

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