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My Migraine Breakthrough

The steps I learned that enabled me to heal from
a painful existence with chronic migraines.

Lee Canter’s chronic migraine journey can be summarized by the following grim numbers: 7 years practically bedridden, 10 doctors, 15 medications, 3 hospitalizations, 2 pain psychologists, and 6 alternative medicine treatments, yet none of these brought him the relief he needed. His life was consumed by the darkness of this debilitating disease. In his resourceful book My Migraine Breakthrough, he does not dwell on how sick he was but instead focuses on what he learned that enabled him to once and for all cure his migraines. If you, like Lee, find your life consumed with the pain and fear of migraines, his story is one you must read.

Have you tried more doctors, medications, and alternative treatments than you want to remember? Are your days still filled with the incapacitation that accompanies migraines? Do you find yourself at a dead end, not knowing where to turn to find an answer that can help you reclaim your life from migraines? If so, his enlightening memoir presents the breakthrough medical treatment Lee found that helped him to recover from his migraines and that can also shed light on your own healing process. 

A nationally known best-selling educator and author, he used his dogged research skills to find and study an evidence-based mind-body treatment approach that guided his path to a cure for his migraines. Known by several names, Tension Myositis Syndrome, PPD (Psychophysiological Disorder), or the Mind Body Syndrome (TMS) is an innovative treatment approach that focuses on the role stress and trauma, both current and from the past, can have on the brain and nervous system, resulting in the development of migraines. Countless migraine sufferers around the world for whom traditional medical interventions have not been effective, have successfully used this treatment approach to cure their migraines.

Lee's deep research into the mind-body treatment approach took him on a journey out of the darkness of his migraines, and into the light of a reclaimed life. Now, in his inspiring, easy-to-follow story, he presents in detail the steps he followed that helped him ultimately recover:

  1. Step One - Learn: What he learned about the role stress, thoughts, and feelings can play in the frequency and severity of migraines and what recent research tells us about how these factors can be dramatically reduced.

  2. Step Two - Accept: Why accepting a new treatment approach that can cure your migraines is so important to recovering.

  3. Step Three - Soothe and Heal: How to use mind-body treatment strategies to soothe and heal the impact stress has on the brain and nervous system enabling you to heal from migraines. 

Follow Lee's journey to cure his chronic migraines in this fascinating memoir filled with key insights and resources that may enable you to find the root cause of your suffering and finally leave the darkness your migraines have cast upon your life behind.

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My Migraine Breakthrough.



“Pain that is generated where you feel it, such as a finger accidentally struck by a hammer, is not difficult to comprehend.  Pain generated by the brain is nearly as common but the causes can be a challenge to trace and treat.  Lee Canter's memoir is a highly useful, clear, insightful and heartfelt guide to the journey of self-discovery that leads to relief of suffering from migraines.”

- David D. Clarke MD is the president of the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association. Assistant director at the Center for Ethics and clinical assistant professor of gastroenterology emeritus both at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland

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"I recognize that the journey of every migraine sufferer is unique. I hope that if you keep exploring the resources available in my book and on this website, you can find those that will help you to reclaim your life from the grip of your migraines."

- Lee Canter

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